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In the Middle of Quarantine

It’s been three and half weeks and I certainly feel like I’m in the middle of Quarantine. At first to be honest the working from home, with no commute, felt like a nice break. As […]

Love after 40

When I was a young girl I believed that all girls grow up, meet their partner and get married; like Barbie and Ken. I never gave any thought to the who, when or how this […]

Step out of the comfort zone

We are all told to do it. Step out of the comfort zone. Okay, I understand this on an intellectual level. Its about growing and learning. However, when your anxiety rushes at the very thought […]

The emotional pain of personal growth

Have you ever experienced the emotional pain of personal growth? I am in the thick of it as I near the last stretch in my Last 90 Days Challenge. This is not a byproduct I […]

Creating Habits to Create a  Lifestyle

– Hollis Co, #Last90Days Challenge Today is my 21st day in the #Last90Days Challenge and this third week has felt like I’ve switched on auto pilot. Get up early, workout 30 mins, practice gratitude, drink […]

Podcasts – the new TV?

My current obsession is Podcasts. I travel in my car quite a lot for work and I got tired of my music, and the radio has too many commercials. I discovered podcasts and now find […]

A few of my favorite things

Song: My Favorite Things Julie Andrews Raindrops on rosesAnd whiskers on kittensBright copper kettles and warm woolen mittensBrown paper packages tied up with stringsThese are a few of my favorite things …(Source: LyricFind) The Sound of […]

#Last 90 Days Challenge – 5 to Thrive

All about the #last 90 days challenge

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